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Originally setting up a secondary account on Twitter in 2014 for the Scottish Referendum can share a number of statistical points:

  • I called the result of NO after the very first vote and you can not rely on one city!
  • By 2015 had already backed not voted for the Conservatives to win under David Cameron.
  • Had a photograph taken with M.P for Stratford On Avon District who posted it on his Twitter.
  • In March 2017 had called for LEAVE based on placement of life in the U.K Midlands.

  • Called the SNAP election by the April and wasn't surprised by the June 8th 2017 results.
  • In the last week under advisement wrote that the U.K PM would not hold the Parliament vote due to the potential result.
So why would you trust me during BREXIT 2018/2019?

As a member of the U.K Labour Party and open to all political banters; feel the results will and would always be a NO to leave: Just as Scotland find during E.U negotiations, as does Catalonia still struggle with centralised Spanish courts or regimes: Politics by Royal demands; Finances: Merchant Banking and resources of wealth most now privatised or globally controlled. The obvious of University campus debates however at grounded levels is never quietly as simple: Teens have more rights yet most don't show to polls even with numbers increasing: The average age of Europeans remains at around 40/45 years of age, meaning many in their 70's or baby boomer generations post 1945 are still out there making sound financial decisions and not sucked in by the internet conspiracy worlds. 

  • American's are divided by only two main parties.
One would expect a result of a vote of confidence for P.M Mrs May at what i would call around 7/1 however in terms of a loss will require a general election anyways by demand of all other major U.K oppositions: Labour U.K, SNP, Labour Scotland, Liberal Democrats, Greens and what will be washed out eventually as the now right wing U.K Party who's bests ideas under former leader Nigel Farage will likely see him voting Tory/Conservative. 

The call will come either way and could be January however as previously tested and seen in April 2017 from cries of 'Do It Now'; you must be tested anyway: Zig Zag all the time:

Always is a dedication to European friends from my own early days in Spain.

The answer is have always felt European: Studied European Studies at senior school and excelled with my own adult education leading to a current path of degree course in Music Performance Technologies at the University of Wolverhampton: 

Have strong ties to the Republic of Ireland and sat and stood to listen to their own sides in bars in Sligo, Co. Sligo and Co. Leitrim in the Northwest of the very European Island. Recently visited London just to make sure of the feel of the city: Happy, mostly peaceful and all in a majority of great spirits and yet you can not just count on Dublin or London as strong holds as France can not forget about why it's workers choose to demonstrate and campaign.

The outcomes are never the opinions: The opinion is vote when the opportunities arise: 

The U.K always attempt to hold onto countries such as Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland: Gibraltar is a great example of largely ex pats who left Great Britain for a better life. The votes could go three ways.

  1. U.K SNAP election with or without a NEW Conservative PM at the reigns.
  2. U.K SNAP election with a second referendum for Scotland and Wales to leave the Union.
  3. U.K SNAP election with a second referendum for Scotland and Wales and England and Northern Ireland who at point have rights via the President Clinton era Good Friday agreement.
The votes are open and debates take time hence the SNAP decisions: However be wary of living in a city as Seattle believed George W. Bush wouldn't beat John Kerry: The hanging ballets were at all points with Al Gore based in a state 4000 miles away in a totally different country.

February 7th to 21st 2019 for a U.K General Election, check back or visit in 2019 for thoughts on Twitter:


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