Friday, 10 May 2019


Digital Delay Footpedal (Figure 1)

Having seen the performing article in practice developed it as in inspiration from many other guitar foot pedals such as the BOSS digital delay pedal. Linked up via an interface connected to a laptop computer the pedal was easily performed with inclusive of distinctive features that other commercial foot pedals offer.  

An ability to turn the product off from use of a delayed signal between 250 milliseconds and one second proved successful and there were very few overall design flaws. 

Further development of the foot pedal would include optional reverb settings of which at the time of presentation were left out due to unwanted errors or over complication also being aware it often rare for commercial foot pedals to offer further options that otherwise specified. 

Boss Digital Delay foot pedal (Figure 2.) 
The basics of digital delay used in more commercial products along with other aspects found and used by guitar players worldwide were not only achieved but also demonstrated.

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Thank you very much

Michael David Curley
Student of Music Performance & Technologies
University of Wolverhampton - United Kingdom
FD1 Semester 2